The Doors of Faith Ministry

"Opening the Doors to the Kingdom"


Apostle William Moore
Senior Pastor
The Doors of Faith Ministry

Welcome to The Doors of Faith Ministry online Community!  I am Apostle William Moore and I want to invite you to become more familiar with our ministry.  Be sure to tune in every Monday evening from 8:15-8:30 on Rejoice 100.9 for our Radio Broadcast.  We invite you to join us for any of our services, either Thursday evenings for Bible Study or Saturday Mornings for our Morning Worship Services.  We are The Doors of Faith Ministry and we are Opening the Doors to the Kingdom for you.  God Bless You and visit our site again soon.


Tune Into "Doors of Faith Ministry Radio Show"

Tune into the Doors of Faith Ministry Radio Show every Monday evening from 8:15-8:45pm on Rejoice 100.9 FM.